Factorization Extra questions

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Question 1
Verify that
(11m + 4n)2  – (11mn – 4n)2 = 176mn2
Question 2
True and false
a) The value of (a + 1) (a – 1) (a2 + 1) is a4 + 1.
b) x + y+ z is a monomial
c) Some of the factors of      are p,1/2 and (p+1)
d)  if xy=20 and (x- y) =1, the value (x+y) =9

Question 3
$x^2 + \frac {1}{x^2} + 2 -3x -  \frac{3}{x}$
Question 4
The Length and breadth of the rectangle is  (x+y) and (x-y) respectively. What is the area of the rectangle
Question 5
 What should be added to 4c(–a + b + c) to obtain 3a (a + b + c) – 2b (a – b + c)?

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