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The Kinematics equations used for solving the question is
$v= u +at$
$s =ut + \frac{1}{2}at^2$
$v^2 = u^2 + 2as $

Kinematics Calculator

What is Kinematics Equations

Kinematics Equations is set of three equations which is used for motion in a straight line with constant acceleration. The equation are
$v= u +at$
$s =ut + \frac{1}{2}at^2$
$v^2 = u^2 + 2as $
v-> Final Velocity (m/s)
u -> initial Velocity (m/s)
t -> Time taken (sec)
a -> Acceleration (m/s2)
s- > displacement ( m)
We can input the known values and get the unknown values from these set of equation easily

Example of Few questions where you can use this Kinematics Solver
Question 1
A particle start with velocity 2 m/s and attained a velocity 10 m/s in 4 sec.Find acceleration and displacement
u = 2m/s, v=10 m/s,t= 4 sec, a=? , s=?
From Ist equation
$a=\frac {v- u}{t}$
$a= \frac {10 -2}{4} = 2 \ m/s^2$
From Second Equation
$s= ut + \frac {1}{2}at^2$
$s= 2 \times 4 + \frac {1}{2} \times 2 \times (4)^2= 24 \ m $

Question 2
A particle start with initial velocity 5 m/s and have acceleration 2m/s2 .Find the final velocity and displacement after 5 sec.
Here u =5 m/s a= 2m/s2, t=5 sec, v=? s =?
From Ist equation
$v= u + at$
$v = 5 + 2 \times 5 = 15 / m/s$ From Second Equation
$s= ut + \frac {1}{2}at^2$
$s= 5 \times 5 + \frac {1}{2} \times 2 \times (5)^2= 50 \ m $

Question 3
A object moves with acceleration 2m/s2 for 2 sec and cover a displacement of 10 m .Find the initial velocity and Final velocity.
a=2m/s2, t=2 sec, s=10 m, v=?, u=?
From Second Equation
$s= ut + \frac {1}{2}at^2$
$u= \frac { s - \frac {1}{2}at^2}{t}$
$u = \frac { 10 - .5 \times 2 \times 2^2}{2} =3 \ m/s$
From Ist equation
$v= u + at$
$v= 3 + 2 \times 2 = 7 \ m/s$

How the Kinematic Equations Calculator works

1. If final velocity ,initial velocity and time are given
$a= \frac {v- u}{t}$
$s= ut + \frac {1}{2}at^2$
2. If final velocity ,initial velocity and acceleration are given
$t= \frac {v- u}{t}$
$s= ut + \frac {1}{2}at^2$
3. If final velocity ,initial velocity and displacement are given
$a = \frac {v^2 -u^2}{2s}$
$t= \frac {v- u}{a}$
4. if Acceleration, time and initial velocity is given
$v= u + at$
$s= ut + \frac {1}{2}at^2$
5. if Acceleration, time and final velocity is given
$u= v - at$
$s= ut + \frac {1}{2}at^2$
6. if Acceleration, time and displacement is given
$u= \frac {s - .5 at^2}{t}$
$v= u + at$

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