Important Questions for Class 6 Science Components of Food -2

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In this page we have Important Questions for Class 6 Science Fibre to Fabric -2 . Hope you like them and do not forget to like , social share and comment at the end of the page.
Question 1
 Which is of these is true?

(a) Jute is the outer covering of coconut
(b) Sufi Saint Kabir was a weaver
(c) Silk Yarn when burns smells like burning paper
(d) None of these

Question 2
 Match the column
(A)Cleaning sheared skin
(Q)Mulberry leaves
(B)Food of silkworm
(R) Yak
(C)Yields silk fibres
(S) Cocoon
(D)Wool yielding animal

(a) P -> A, Q ->B, R-> D, S-> C
(b) P -> B, Q ->A, R-> D, S-> C
(c) P -> A, Q ->B, R-> C, S-> D
(d) P -> D, Q ->C, R-> B, S-> A

Question 3
Weaving is done on devices called: (a) Takli
(b) Charkha
(c) Looms
(d) Needles

Question 4
 The process of removing seeds from the mass of cotton is called
(a) ginning
(b) weaving
(c) knitting
(d) shearing

Question 5
 Llama and Alpaca wool is obtained from? (a) Sheep
(b) Angora
(c) Yak
(d) Camel

Question 6
 The process of growing silkworms on Mulberry trees to obtain silk from them is: (a) agriculture
(b) sericulture
(c) pisciculture
(d) horticulture

Question 7
 what is true of Nylon?
(a) it is very lustrous, easy to wash and elastic.
(b) it is obtained from coal, water, air and petroleum.
(c) It is obtained from wood pulp
(d) None of these

Question 8
 What is the process of ‘Shearing' to obtain wool fibre? (a) The process of sharing things.
(b) The process of making woolen fabric from fibre.
(c) The process of removing hair from the body of animals.
(d) The process of removing seeds from cotton.

Question 9
 Which fibre is obtained from Flax seeds? (a) cotton
(b) wool
(c) Linen
(d) Nylon

Question 10
 The fruits of the cotton plant are called? (a) Cotton bolls
(b) Cotton balls
(c) Mulberry leaves
(d) None of these

1: (b)
2: (a)
3: (c)
4: (a)
5: (d)
6: (b)
7: (a)
8: (c)
9: (c)
10: (a)

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