fibre to fabric extra questions with answers

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Short Answers Type

Question 1
1.What is Fabric?
2.In which state of India, we find maximum production of jute?
3.What are yarns made up of?
4.Name a natural fibre from plant and one from animal source.
5.What is ‘cotton bolls’?

Question 2
WHO AM I? [ 1 mark]
  1. I am a natural fibre who is used to make sacks and bags.
  2. I am the process by which your mother makes sweater for you using wool.
  3. I am the process by which raw cotton roll is converted into fibre.
  4. I am a natural fibre that you get from an insect.
  5. I am a necessary step to make yarn from fibre.

Question 3
Write related terms/examples for the following: [1 mark]
Eg: cotton: saree;jute:____.(Ans: sac)
  1. Ginning: cotton; _________ : jute
  2. Warm climate: cotton ; Cold climate : _________
  3. Fibre : ginning ; Yarn:_______
  4. Cotton: fruit ; jute:______
  5. Nylon : synthetic ; silk:_____

Question 4
i.Describe the process by which we get jute fibre from jute plant.
ii.Define ginning.
iii.What is weaving?
iv.What are biodegradable fibres?
v.List two items that are made from
Coconut fibre
Jute fibre
vi.How and with the help of what can we get yarn from fibre?

Long Answer Type

Question 5
India is a country of diversity. You will find different clothing in different parts of the country. On what factors do you think the clothing of a person depends? Explain with the support of examples.

Question 6
Answer the following
(i)Define natural fibres and synthetic fibres.
(ii)Give two examples of each
(iii)Why are natural fibres preferred more than synthetic fibres in making dresses?

Skill based/ HOTS [2-3 marks]

Question 7
Study the diagram given below and answer the following:

  1. Name the process shown in fig 1 and 2.
  2. Give example of clothes or products made by this process.
  3. Are these processes only hand operated?

Question 8
Why we use cotton cloth to mop the floor? Why we need to remove seeds from cotton balls?

Question 9
Why do we get the smell of hair burn when we burn wool?

Question 10
Study the diagram given below and answer the following

  1. Identify the device shown above.
  2. Name the famous personality who popularized this device.
  3. Name another hand operated spinning device.
  4. What is khadi?

Question 11
Study the diagram given below and answer the following:

  1. Name the plant shown.
  2. What are these white structures shown?
  3. List the conditions required to facilitate the growth of this plant.

Question 12
Why we wear cotton clothes in summer?

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