Components of food questions and answers

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Short Answer Questions

Question 1
One-word answer. [ 1 mark]
  1. The presence of which nutrient can be identified using Iodine?
  2. Which vitamin keeps both our eyes and skins healthy?
  3. Disease caused by deficiency of vitamin D .
  4. What disease will you suffer from, if you eat a lot of fat and much more than your body requires?
  5. A mineral required for healthy and strong bones.
  6. The mineral which imparts red colour pigment to our blood.

Question 2
(i)Why fat is important in our body?
(ii)What is nutrition?
(iii)Name a few food sources rich in dietary fibres.
(iv)Study the picture given below ( fig 1 & fig 2) . which of them do you think is ideal for your lunch/dinner , and why?
components of food class 6 questions and answers
(v)Over eating of which nutrient causes heart attack and how?
(vi)Give one source and function of Vitamin K.
(vii)What are the signs and symptoms of scurvy?

Question 3
Short answer type/HOTS [2 MARKS]
(i)Why do people living in hilly regions develop Goiter?
(ii)Why old people are advised not to consume to much of pulses in their diet?
(iii) “It is recommended to keep yourself hydrated during diarrhea”- comment on the statement.
(iv)Gopal have a five-month-old brother. His grandmother insists on daily exposure to sunlight for the baby. Why do you think exposure to sunlight for the new born is essential?
(v)Name at least four nutrients that are richly present in the food shown in the picture below.
components of food class 6 questions withs answers
(vi)Why simple sugars give instant energy, unlike complex sugar?
(vii)Why Vitamins and minerals are called protective food?
(viii)It is advised not to consume too much of junk food. Do you support the statement?


Question 4
Name 6 components of food.

Question 5
Complete the following table.
components of food class 6 practice questions and answers
Why softening of egg shells takes place in birds?

Question 6
a. Malnutrition & undernutrition are they same? Justify your answer.
b. Among two students of class 6 one student takes part in out-door games such as football and cricket and another doesn’t take part in any out-door games. Whom do you think needs more food and why?

Question 7
(i)Which nutrient is required the most by a growing child and why?
(ii)Name the organ of the body will not be able to function properly if we do not consume fat at all.
(iii)What is the role of haemoglobin?

Question 8
study the experiment given below & answer the question that follows.

(i)Write the aim of the experiment?
(ii)Name any other food which can be used in this experiment.
(iii)What is the red color reagent you can see in the dropper?
(iv)Note your observation when the red color reagent is added to the peeled potato?
(v)Comment on the inference that you can draw from this experiment.

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