Important Extra Questions for Class 6 Science Chapter Food: Where does it come from

In this page we have Important Questions for Class 6 Science Chapter Food: Where does it come from . Practice these science chapter 1 class 6 extra questions for better grade. Answers to all these questions are alo given at the end of the page.

Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Extra Questions

True False type Questions

Question 1
State True or False
(a) Brinjal is a fruit.
(b) Sprouted seeds are high in energy.
(c) All plants have only one edible part.
(d) Animals which eat animals are called carnivores.
(e) Cooked food is tasty and healthy.
(f) Sugar is received from Mango Tree.
(g) Human is Omnivorous

Short Answer Type Questions

Question 2
What are the ingredients of the following?
(a) Kheer
(b) Tea
(c) Chapatti
(d) Boiled Rice
(e) Omelet
(a) Milk, Rice, Sugar
(b)Tea, Milk, water and Sugar
(c)Wheat flour and water
(d)Rice and water
(e)Eggs, Vegetable and Spices
Question 3
Give two examples of each
Animal food from Sea
Fruits we eat as vegetable
Sprouted seeds
Plants whose stem is edible
Edible Oil
Common Spices

Animal food from Sea
Fish, prawns
Fruits we eat as vegetable
Brinjal , Lady Finger
Sprouted seeds
Chana, Moong
Plants whose stem is edible
Human, Dog
Edible Oil
Mustard seeds, Coconut
Common Spices
Coriander leaves, Cumin seed

Question 4
Write down the sources of the following ingredients?
Urad Dal





Question 5
Label the plant elements Important Questions for Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Food: Where does it come from
Important Questions for Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Food: Where does it come from
Question 6
Prepare the flowchart for the preparation of Ghee
Important Questions for Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Food: Where does it come from

Long Answer Questions

(i) Segregate the following under three columns viz. herbivore, carnivore & omnivore
Lion, Deer, Cow, Wolf, Goat, Human, Tiger, Peacock, Chimpanzee

(ii) John who is 10 years old and his sister who is 2 years old, was having dinner. Do you think they were having same amount and same food? Explain
No, they were not having the same food. The amount of energy and various nutrient required by an individual depends on many factors, one such factor is age. So, the food of the 2 year old must be different from that of a 10 year old .
(b) Below is provided an image: study it and answer the questions:

  1. What is this image of?
  2. Is the image correctly drawn? Justify your answer.
  3. Who is the primary consumer in the image?
  1. Food chain
  2. No, this is an incorrect image as the arrows are pointing in wrong direction. It implies that the plants are eating the grasshopper and grasshopper is eating the mouse, but in reality, it is the opposite.
  3. Grasshopper

(c)Below is a image of a tapeworm. Answer the questions related to it.

  1. What kind of organism is this, based on food habit?
  2. Where is this organism found in human body?
  3. Give two examples of similar organism.
  4. What is host?
  1. Parasite.
  2. Intestine.
  3. Flea /leech/lice /Roundworm/Hookworm
  4. A host is an organism that provide food and shelter to parasite.
(d) i. Is nutrient & nutrition same? Justify your answer.
ii. Rita couldn’t eat for an entire day due to school project. What problems do you think she might face?
iii. Why is nutrients required by our body?        
  1. No, they are not same. Nutrient is the chemical substances present in food, whereas Nutrition is the process by which our body takes in food and utilizes it for growth and development.
  2. Rita will feel tired and weak by the end of the day.
  3. For maintaining good health.
  1. Name the spices in fig 1 & fig 2.
  2. Which of them is obtained from flower & flower bud?
  3. What is the medical utility of the ingredient in fig 2?
  4. Name one dish where you can use fig 1.
  1. Fig1 – saffron(kesar)
  2. Fig 2- clove
  3. Flower- saffron, flower bud -clove
  4. It helps to give temporary relief in tooth ache.
  5. Kheer/pulao/biriyani/kesar badam milk/kesar kulfi


(1)Why do we need food?
Ans: All living organisms need food to carry out the necessary physiological activities. We need food for our growth, development & immunity to fight disease.

(2)Which is the most important meal of the day, that you must never skip?
Ans: Breakfast: the first meal of the day, is the most important meal of the day.
(3)What does the Arrow in the Food Chain represent?
Ans: Unidirectional Energy Flow from one tropic level to the next.

(4)Humans can cook their own food but why are they not called producers like green plants?
Ans. Humans can cook food that is obtained from plants and animals. They cannot synthesize their own food by raw materials like sun and carbon dioxide as plants do.

(5)Why do boiled seeds fail to sprout?
Ans. After boiling the seeds become dead, dead seeds do not sprout.

(6)List three processed food which will not get spoiled even when kept in room temperature for a month.
Ans: Pickle /Jam /Potato Chips/Ghee/Sauce

(7) Carnivorous animals make use of canine teeth to tear flesh, but how do carnivorous birds tear flesh inspite of not having any teeth?
Ans: Carnivorous birds have curved & pointed beaks that helps them to tear flesh.

8. “ Food chain can not start without a producer” , Judge the statement.
Ans: Every food chain starts with plant which is a producer , as they trap solar energy and form food for all living organisms which eventually forms the food chain so without plant no food chain can exist.

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