Food where does it come from class 6 worksheet

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Question 1
State True or False
(a) Parrots eat only plant product.
(b) Cereals, Fats and Oils are body building food.
(c) All plants are edible.
(d) Animals which eat both plants and animals are called carnivores.
(e) Cooked food is tasty and healthy.
(f) Honey is made from Milk
  1. True
  2. False
  3. False
  4. True
  5. True
  6. False

Question 2
Fill in the Blank
1. The main source of our food is ____________and _____________.
2. Bees store _______________in their beehive.
3. A cow eats only plant products and so it is called a _______________.
4. Pumpkin is the ______________ of a plant which is used as vegetable.
5. The edible plant part in spinach is the______________.
6. Tea is obtained from __________ Of tea plant.
7. Lion is a ___________ Animal.
8. We eat ___________ in onion plant.
  1. Plant and animal
  2. Honey
  3. Herbivore
  4. Flower
  5. Leave
  6. Leave
  7. Carnivore
  8. leave
Question 3
Give two examples of each
Plants whose roots are edible
Plants whose stem is edible
Plants whose flower is edible
Herbivores Sheep Goat
Omnivores Human, bear
Plants whose roots are edible Carrot, radish
Plants whose stem is edible Sugarcane, Potato
Carnivores Lion, tiger
Scavengers Vulture, Jackal
Plants whose flower is edible cauliflower,Pumpkin

NAME THE FOLLOWING:(1 mark each)
  1. The part of onion which is edible.
  2. The plant from where sugar is obtained.
  3. Eatables taken by human and animals that provide energy.
  4. An example of unprocessed food that do not get spoilt when kept in room temperature.
  5. The position occupied by an organism in a food chain.
  6. Name one animal which gives us meat.
  1. Stem
  2. Sugar cane/ sugar beet
  3. Food
  4. Honey
  5. Trophic level
  6. Goat/chicken/pig

  1. Name the food we get from bee hives.
  2. State two source from which we get almost all of our ingredients of food?
  3. Name an underground stem that we eat.
  4. Name a plant whose flowers are edible.
  5. List any three ingredients to make dal.
  6. Define the term ingredients.
  7. List three plants from which we get oil.
b.Plant source & Animal source
d.Pumpkin/ rose petals.
e.Pulses, water, salt
f.Ingredients are the materials that are required to prepare a food.
g.Mustard, Sunflower & Soya bean plant
Short Type of Question.(2-3 marks each)
1. How is a Food Web different from a Food Chain?
Food web
Food chain
Many interconnected food chains form food web.
It’s a linear path showing food dependence of one organism on the other.
2.Who are parasites? Give two examples.
Animals which live on or inside of other animals and get their food from them. Examples are fleas, leech
3.Study the image given below and answer the questions.

  • i.Identify Fig A & Fig B
  • How can you achieve Fig B from Fig A?
  • Name any one dish that you can make with Fig B.
(i)Fig A: whole moong
Fig B: sprouted Moong
(ii)If we soak the whole Moong in water for 1-2 days then we can get sprouted Moong. This is true for most of the other seeds too.
(iii)Salad/ chat/ curry/ chilla / sprouted moong stir fry

4.What helps the herbivores to chew their food?
Herbivores typically have chisel-like incisors and flat premolars and molars for chewing plants.

5. Complete the following table:<
Parts that we eat
  1. Apple
  1. Wheat
  1. Spinach

6. Match the following:
Column I
Column II
  1. Fenugreek seed
  1. Scavengers
  1. Coconut oil
  1. Producer
  1. Jackel
  1. Edible
  1. Green plants
  1. Spice
Crossword for Class 6 Chapter 1 Science Food: Where does it come from
2. what Food comprises of
3. Animals which eat only small animals
5. Cumin seed is a
1. Animals which eat only plants are called
4. Organisms which feed on dead plants, dead animals and rotten materials for their food

Long Answer type Questions

Question 1 What are Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivorous animals with example for each ?
Answer Directly or indirectly all living beings depands on plants for their food.
Herbivores : Animals like cow, deer, sheep etc. who feed only on plants are called herbivores.
Carnivores : Animals such as Lion, tiger etc. who eat other animals are Carnivores. Carnivores do not feed on plants.
Omnivores : Some animals feed on both plants and animals for example foxes, bears etc. Such animals are called Omnivores.

Question 2 Explain the various sources of Food.
Answer : We have two types of sources of food
1. Plants as Food : This group of fod sources includes

  • Variety of seeds
  • leaves, stems, roots and flowers of certain plants.
  • Some examples include cauliflower, beatroots, carrots, spinach, rice, pumpkin seeds etc.
2. Animal products as food: This group of food sources includes
  • Milk generally obtained fromcows, buffaloes and goat.
  • Animal meat
  • Eggs

Question 3 Why Scavengers are important for environment?
Answer Scavengers have an important role to play in the food chain. They keep an ecosystem free of the bodies of dead animals and their decaying flesh. Scavengers break down this organic material and recycle it into the ecosystem as nutrients. For Example Vultures who are scavengers, only eat the bodies of dead animals.

Question 4 Why is food important for Humans?
Question 5 What are the ingredient required to prepare Khichdi?
Question 6 What are food habit? Explain with examples.
Question 7 Explain the term Honey and nectar.
Question 8 How sprouted seeds are prepared?
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