Chemical effect of electric current Extra Questions

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Question 1
Short answer type questions:
(i)What is a fire extinguisher? Write two types of fire extinguishers.
(ii)What is calorific value? Write its SI unit.
(iii)What are non-renewable fuels? Give two examples.
(iv)What are gaseous fuels? Give two examples.
(v)What is slow combustion? Give two examples.

Short answer type questions/HOTS:

Question 2
Ron wants to place a battery inside a torch. How does he place the battery inside the torch?

Question 3
What is conventional current?

Question 4
Ram tears the protective layer of the copper wire, which is made up of rubber, to connect it with the bulb. His son asked him a question that why do we cover the wires with the rubber?

Question 5
What is an electrolyte?

Question 6
What is electrolysis?

Question 7
Why metallic elements are good conduction of electricity?

Question 8
What is electrical conductivity?

Long answer type questions:
Question 9
Explain the of electrolysis in water experiment. Draw a well-labelled diagram also.

Question 10
Explain electroplating in details.

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