Chemical effect of electric current Important questions

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Very Short Answer type

1. what is LED stands for?
2. What are the uses of Tester?
3. What is distilled water?
4. How we can check magnetic effect of current?
5. When tin is plated on iron,which metal is placed at the positive plate
6. What is electroplating
7. What is electric current
8. What are Insulators


1. Light Emitting Diode
2. it checks the presence of current
3. Distilled water is pure water free from all salts
4. Magnetic compass
5. Tin
6. The process of depositing a layer of any desired metal on another material, by means of electricity, is called electroplating
7. The flow of charges is called electric current
8. The materials which do not allow electricty to pass through it is called insulators

True and False Statement

a. Distilled water also conducts the electric current
b. Electroplating is based on chemical effect of electric current
c. Rubber is a good conductor of electricity
d. electrode connected to positive terminal is called the Anode and negative terminal is called Cathode
e. Cations are negatively charged ions
g. During electroplating ,copper is deposited at Anode


d. True
e. False
g. False

Fill in the blanks

a. An electric bulbs glows due to ________ effect of current.
b. The object to be electroplated is taken as ____________ electrode.
c. Distilled water is ____ conductor of electrity while tap water is _____ conductor of electrity
d. ______ discovers the electrolysis of water
e. During electrolysis of waterm, Hydrogen gas is formed at ____ and Oxygen gas is formed at _____


a. Heating
b. cathode
c. poor, good
d. William Nicholson
e. Negative charged electrode ,Positively charged electrode

Objective Type questions

1.When electric current is passed through a conducting solution, there is a change of colour of the solution. This indicates
(a) the chemical effect of current.
(b) the heating effect of current.
(c) the magnetic effect of current.
(d) the lightning effect of current.

2.Boojho’s uncle has set up an electroplating factory near his village. He should dispose off the waste of the factory
(a) in the nearby river.
(b) in the nearby pond.
(c) in the nearby cornfield.
(d) according to the disposal guidelines of the local authority

3. Cooper wire is a
(a) Good conductor
(b) Bad conductor
(c) Can be both at different time
(d) None of these

4. Which of these is not a conductor of electricity
(a) Lemon water
(b) Vinegar
(c) Honey
(d) None of these

5. An electrolyte is a
(a) Solids that conducts electricity
(b) liquids that does not conduct electricity
(c) Solids that does not conducts electricity
(d) liquids that conduct electricity


5. d

Short and Long answer type

1. Define the terms
a. electrolysis
b. electrode
c. Electrolyte
d. electroplating
2. What are the disadvantages of electroplating?
3. why is chromium ised for electroplating
4. Yor are provided with a magnetic compass, an empty match box, a battery of two cells and connecting wires. Using these objectshow will you make a tester for testing an electric circuit?
Draw the necessary circuit diagram and explain 5. Incase of fire in the building,Fireman before using the water hoses shutdown the main electrical supply for the are. Why?
6. Is this safe for the electrician to carry out electrical repiars outdooors during heavy downpour
7. Differentiate between LED and Electric Bulbs

Crossword Puzzle

Chemical effect of electric current  Class 8 Important questions and answers


1. cathode


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