Important Questions for Mensurations

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Question 1
Find the circumference and Area of the circle whose radius are gives below
(a) 21 cm
(b) 6.3 cm
(c) 14 mm
(d) 28 cm
(e) 49 cm (f) 77 mm
Take π = 22/7 in all the above questions

Question 2
If the circumference of a circular sheet is 176 m, find its diameter and area.

Question 3
The area of a circle is 616 cm2. Find its diameter and circumference.

Question 4
From a circular sheet of a radius 5 cm, a circle of radius 3 cm is removed. Find the area of the remaining sheet.

Question 5
Find the perimeter semicircle whose radius is 5 cm including the diameter.

Question 6
The diameter of a wheel is 70 cm. How many times the wheel will revolve in order to cover a distance of 110 m?

Question 7
The ratio of the radii of two wheels is 3 : 2. Find the ratio of their circumference.

Question 8
A well of diameter 150 cm has a stone parapet around it. If the length of the outer edge of the parapet is 616 cm, find the width of the parapet.

Question 9
A thin wire is in the form of an equilateral triangle of side 11 cm. Find the area of a circle whose circumference is equal to the length of the wire.

Question 10.
Find the area of a circle whose circumference is same as the perimeter of square of side 22 cm.

Question 11.
Two circles have areas in the ratio 16 : 121. Find the ratio of their circumference and diameter

Question 12.
Find the circumference of a wheel whose radius is 49 cm. Find the distance covered in 120 seconds, if it revolves 5 times per second.

Question 13.
The radius of a wheel is 63 cm. Find the number of turns required to cover a distance of 1584 m.

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