Reproduction in animals Class 8 CBSE Worksheet

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Question 1
Fill in the blanks
  1. The process of reproduction takes place only when organisms reach the _________.
  2. ___________ is the process by which a new organism developed from an outgrowth or bud.
  3. The organisms that produce male and female gametes in the same body are called ___________.
  4. ___________ is the process in which the male and female gametes fused together to develop a new organism.
  5. _____________ is a technique used to develop zygote by injecting male sperms inside the female body externally.

Question 2
Mention if the statement is true or false
  1. The fusion of male and female gametes is called hermaphrodites.
  2. Organisms like Amoeba reproduce sexually.
  3. The embryo moves to the uterus from the fallopian tube.
  4. Organisms give their young birth are called viviparous.
  5. Organisms that lay eggs are called oviparous.

Question 3
Unscramble the folowing words
Reproduction in animals Class 8 CBSE Worksheet

Question 4
Name the following:
  1. The fusion of male and female gametes.
  2. This is the process by which organisms reproduce asexually.
  3. Organisms give birth to their young ones.
  4. Organisms lay eggs to produce their young ones.
  5. This process involves division of a parent cell into two similar daughters.
  6. This type of reproduction requires two organisms to reproduce their young ones.
  7. The zygote divides into several parts.
  8. This is the period of onset of sexual maturity in humans.
  9. This is the male reproductive part where sperms are produced.
  10. This type of fertilisation takes place from outside of the female body.

Question 5
Very short answer type questions:
(i)How many types of fertilisation? Name them.
(ii)Name two organisms who reproduce asexually.
(iii)Name two viviparous organisms.
(iv)Name two oviparous organisms.
(v)Name two organisms who go through metamorphosis.

Question 6
Short answer type questions:
(i)What is metamorphosis? Give one example.
(ii)What is fertilisation?
(iii)What is reproduction? How many types of reproduction?
(iv)What is incubation?
(v)What is oviparous?


This Reproduction in animals Class 8 CBSE Worksheet is prepared keeping in mind the latest syllabus of CBSE . This has been designed in a way to improve the academic performance of the students. If you find mistakes , please do provide the feedback on the mail.

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