Practice questions for Alternating current for JEE Main and Advanced

Linked comprehensive Type A circuit  consists of a capacitor of Xc=30 ohm , a non-inductive resistor of 44 ohm and a coil of inductive resistance 90 ohm  and resistance 36 ohm in series is connected to 200 V ,60 hz AC circuit
Question 1 Find the Impedance (Z) of the circuit
a) 10 ohm
b) 100 ohm
c) 30 ohm
d) 40 ohm
Question 2 Find the current in the circuit?
a) 1 A
b) 3 A
c) 2 A
d) 5 A
Question 3 Find the Impedance of the coil
a) 97 ohm
b) 50 ohm
c) 90 ohm
d) None of these
 Question 4 Match the following
Column A
A) VCoil
B) VRes
C) VCap
D)  VCoil + VRes + VCap
Column B
P)  88 V
Q) 194 V
R) 200 V
S) 60 V
T) No appropriate match
Question 6 Match the following
Column A
A) Power dissipated in coil
B) Power dissipated in Resistor
C) Power loss of the circuit
Column B
P)  144 W
Q) 320 W
R)  176 W
S) No appropriate match

Question 7:
An Alternating voltage (in volts) varies with time (in sec) as
$V=100 \sqrt {2} sin (100 \pi t)$
Match with column with above context in mind
Column A
A) Peak value of Voltage
B)Rms value of the voltage
C) Frequency of the voltage
D)Mean square value of the voltage
Column B
P) 100
Q) $10 \sqrt 2$
R) 50
S) 104

Question 8:  An L-R circuit contains an inductor of inductance 10 Henry and resistance of 2 ohm. It is connected to 10 Volt battery
a) How long will it take for the current to reach the half the maximum value
b) Find the time constant
c) Find out the value of dI/dt  at t =0

Question 9:
An LCR circuit in series has following values
R=11 Ohm
XC=120 Ohm
XL= 120 ohm
The circuit is connected with 110 V ,60 Hz power source
Match the column
Column I
D) $\sqrt { V_R^2 +(V_L -V_C)^2$
Column II
P) 1200V
Q) 110
R) 1100V
T) Data not sufficient

Linked comprehensive Type
An circuit consists of a series combination of a 50mH inductor and a 20μF capacitor. The circuit is connected to AC supply of 220V and 50 Hz .
The circuit has the value of R=0
Question 10 Which of the following is correct for the circuit?
a) I0=2.17 A ,Irms= 1.53 A
b) I0=5.1 A ,Irms= 3.6 A
c) V0=311 V ,Vrms=200 V
\) None of these
Question 11 which of the following is false
a) Voltage drop across inductor is 23.1 V
b) Voltage drop across capacitor is 243 V
c) Voltage drop across inductor is 243 V
d) Voltage drop across capacitor is 23.1 V
Question 12 which of the following is true
a) Average power transferred to inductor is zero
b) Average power transferred to capacitor is zero
c) Average power absorbed by the circuit is zero
d) None of the above

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