Class 10 Science Life processes Practice paper

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Question 1 Why is energy needed by an organism even during sleep?
Answer Because even when an organism is as asleep various biological process keep on occurring in its body which requires energy.
Question 2 What is photolysis?
Answer Photolysis, the phenomena of breaking of water molecules using solar energy absorbed by chlorophyll molecule is photolysis.
Question 3 What is osmoregulation?
Answer Osmoregulation is the maintenance of optimum concentration of water & salts in the body fluid.
Question 4 What is chyme?
Answer The slightly digested food, enters the stomach through alimentary canal. In stomach, this food is turned along with gastric juices converting this food into a semi- solid paste called chyme.
Question 5 Name the enzymes, which is present in infants & absent in adults?
Answer Renin enzyme
Question 6 How the amount of urine produced regulated?
Answer The amount of urine produced depends on how much excess H2O there is in body and or how much of dissolved waste there is to be excreted. More water & dissolved waste in the body will produce more urine and on the other hand less H2O & less waste will lead to produce less urine.
Question 7 What is compensation point?
Answer When the rate of photosynthesis is equal to the respiration, it is called compensation point.
Question 8 What is root pressure?
Answer it is a pressure developed in the xylem due to metabolic activity of the root cells. It is a hydrostatic pressure developed in the root system that pumps the water or sap in the root xylem.
Question 9 What is transpiration pull?
Answer Due to evaporation of water. Water is pulled upward in the plant which creates an upward suction force called transpiration pull.
Question 10 What is ascent of sap?
Answer Absorbed water from the soil contains dissolved minerals and hence it is called ascent of sap. Transportation of sap from roots to leaves at the top is called ascent of sap.

Question 11 State the function of epiglottis?
Answer At the top of the trachea (or wind pipe) there is a flap of cartilage called epiglottis. The function of epiglottis is to cover the mouth of trachea (or wind pipe) when we swallow food so that the food may not enter the trachea (or wind pipe).
Question 12 Differentiate between arteries, veins and Capillaries
Class 10 Science Life processes Practice paper
Question 13 Differentiate between blood and Lymph
Class 10 Science Life processes Practice paper

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