Class 10 Science Life processes Test-paper

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Question 1 What are peristaltic movements?

Question 2How is the small intestine designed to absorb digested food?

Question 3Why is it necessary to separate oxygenated and deoxygenated blood in mammals and birds?

Question 4 What are the components of the transport system in highly organized plants?

Question 5 How are the alveoli designed to maximize the exchange of gases?

Question 6What is ascent sap?

Question 7What is transpiration pull?

Question 8 What are the differences between the transport of materials in xylem and phlowem?

Question 9 Compare the functioning of alveoli in the lungs and nephrons in the kidneys with respect to their structure and functioning.

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Practice Question

Question 1 Which among the following is not a base?
B) $NH_4OH$
C) $C_2H_5OH$
Question 2 What is the minimum resistance which can be made using five resistors each of 1/2 Ohm?
A) 1/10 Ohm
B) 1/25 ohm
C) 10 ohm
D) 2 ohm
Question 3 Which of the following statement is incorrect? ?
A) For every hormone there is a gene
B) For production of every enzyme there is a gene
C) For every molecule of fat there is a gene
D) For every protein there is a gene

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