Physics Articles

Physical World and Measurements

Symbols in physics

  1. Omega symbol physics

Units of measurement

  1. Difference between pound and kilogram

Dimensional Analysis

  1. Dimensions of Gravitational Constant
  2. Dimensions of Surface Tension
  3. Dimensions of impulse
  4. Dimensions of momentum
  5. Dimensions of Angular Momentum
  6. Dimensional formula of work
  7. Dimensions of spring constant
  8. Dimensional formula of force
  9. Dimensions of density
  10. Dimensional formula of resistance
  11. Dimensions of Power
  12. Dimensions of voltage
  13. Dimensional formula of frequency
  14. Dimensional formula of pressure
  15. Dimensions of Permittivity



  1. What is graph in physics
  2. Types of motion
  3. velocity-time graph
  4. Average speed calculation
  5. How to find acceleration with velocity and distance
  6. How to find acceleration with velocity and time
  7. How to effectively solve Motion in One dimension Problems
  8. What is Acceleration of free fall
  9. What is trajectory
  10. Projectile Motion Formula
  11. Horizontal projectile motion
  12. Range of projectile formula derivation
  13. Motion in one dimension formulas

Force and laws of motion

  1. Difference Between Mass and Weight
  2. Conservative and Non-conservative forces
  3. What Are Free Body Diagrams
  4. How to apply law of conservation of energy in mechanics
  5. Acceleration formula Explained with Examples
  6. Fictitious Force and Free falling Elevator
  7. Different type of Forces and their origin
  8. Free body diagrams
  9. Force of friction formula
  10. Newton’s law Interesting conceptual questions
  11. questions on force

Work Energy and Power

  1. Work done by multiple forces
  2. How to Solve Equilibrium and Potential energy Questions Effectively
  3. How to Calculate the force given potential energy

System of particles

  1. Translational Motion
  2. Center of mass problems

Rotational Motion

  1. Rotational Motion Formula List

Fluid Mechanics

  1. Density examples

Waves and Oscillations

SHM and Oscillations

  1. How to solve Simple Harmonic Motion(SHM) problems effectively

Heat and thermodynamics

Semiconductor Electronics

  1. Reverse breakdown in pn junction
  2. Superconductors and superconductivity


  1. What is electrostatics in physics?
  2. Electrostatics formulas and summary
  3. Electric charge and electric field questions and answers

Current Electricity

  1. Difference between resistance and resistivity
  2. Flow of charge

Modern Physics

  1. Nuclear Fission basics

Experiments in Physics

  1. Meter Bridge Experiment
  2. Screw Gauge