Class 12th Maths Study Material

Mathematics is the study of numbers, equations, functions, and geometric shapes and their relationships.It in used all the "hard" sciences, such as biology, chemistry, and physics; the "soft" sciences, such as economics, psychology, and sociology; engineering fields, such as civil, mechanical, and industrial engineering; and technological fields such as computers, rockets, and communications.So it is important for the basics to be very clear from the starting .We are creating the material so that students can understand and develop clear understanding of Mathematics. Here are we are giving the Class 11 Maths study material,Class 12 Maths worksheets ,NCERT solution ,exam paper, Maths problem and solution to help student practice maths . This will help in getting good marks in examination.

Relations and Functions

  1. What is Cartesian Sets
  2. What is relations?
  3. What is Function
  4. Algebra of Real Function
  5. Type Of Relations
  6. Type Of Functions
  7. Composite Function
  8. Invertible Function

Vector Algebra

  1. What is vector
  2. Difference between Scalar and Vector
  3. Type Of Vectors
  4. Addition Of vector
  5. Subtraction of vectors
  6. Scalar multiplication of vectors
  7. Components of the vector
  8. Multiplication of two vectors
  9. Dot product of vectors
  10. Cross product of vectors
  11. Triple product
  12. How to solve vector algebra problems
  • vector addition and subtraction
  • Vectors and their properties

  • Algebra of Matrices

    1. What is Matrix
    2. Types of Matrices
    3. Equality of Matrices
    4. Addition (and Subtraction) of Matrices
    5. Properties of Addition
    6. Identity Matrix
    7. Scalar of  Multiplication/Division Matrix
    8. Multiplication Of Matrix
    9. Transpose of Matrix
    10. Why study the Matrix
    11. How to Solve Matrix Problem
    12. Solved Examples
  • Matrices Worksheet-1
  • Matrices Worksheet-2
  • Matrices Worksheet-3
  • Matrices Worksheet-4
  • Probability

    1. Flashback of Class11 Notes
    2. What is Conditional Probability
    3. Multiplication Theorem on Probability<
    4. Total Probability Law
    5. Solved example
    6. Bayes Formula
    7. Solved examples

    Class 12 Board Test paper

    Previous year(2016/2015/2014) CBSE paper
    1. CBSE Maths Question paper-1
    2. CBSE Maths Question paper-2
    3. CBSE Maths Question paper-3
    4. CBSE Maths Question paper-4
    5. CBSE Maths Question paper-5
    6. CBSE Maths Question paper-6
    7. CBSE Maths Question paper-7
    8. CBSE Maths Question paper-8
    9. CBSE Maths Question paper-9
    10. CBSE Maths Question paper-10
    11. CBSE Maths Question paper-11
    12. CBSE Maths Question paper-12
    CBSE Sample Paper
    1. Sample paper-1

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